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Route Ticket

This is an offer for all PKP Intercity passengers wanting to travel on selected rail routes all over Poland for as much as 65% less

Since 9 June 2013 it has been possible to buy tickets for the Route Ticket special offer for journeys in second class on trains run by Twoje Linie Kolejowe ('Your Railway Lines', TLK) in carriages with seating and Express InterCity (EIC) on specific routes. Ticket buyers are able to make use of statutory concessions, meaning that the amount for the discount allowed will be deducted from the promotional ticket price. The offer may not be combined with fare offers (e.g. Family Ticket) and other special offers, with the exception of the Warsaw IC Ticket special offer.

Please be informed that since 15 December 2013 the ROUTE TICKET offer for journeys on EIC trains has been extended to include new routes:

1)         Warsaw - Tricity - Warsaw via Bydgoszcz or via Działdowo,

2)         Warsaw - Olsztyn - Warsaw,

3)         Poznań - Zielona Góra - Poznań,

and intermediate routes from and to stations situated on these stages,

4)         Kraków - Olsztyn - Kraków and some routes on this stage, and

5)         Warsaw - Zielona Góra - Warsaw and some routes on this stage.

A detailed list of routes covered by the offer can be found in the Tables of fares for single tickets under the ROUTE TICKET special offer.



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