Protection Measures against coronavirus undertaken by the PKP Group

The PKP Group companies cooperate in the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection prevention. Special guidelines have been introduced for railway employees, in particular for personnel who have direct contact with passengers at railway stations and on trains. Information on the need for passengers to comply with hygiene rules is also disseminated.

The PKP Group companies responsible for train traffic, maintenance of railway infrastructure and railway stations as well as for passenger service, follow the internal guidelines in the event of endangerments and crisis situations. These guidelines also determine the principles of operation in epidemiological emergencies. In addition, special guidelines have been also prepared for dealing with suspected COVID-19 infection (pneumonia caused by the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus). They specify the rules of conduct of, among others, traffic dispatchers, conductor teams, ticket tellers, employees of the Customer Service Centre, railway station security as well as cleaning services and technical service. The guidelines also include information on the manner of reporting the presence in trains and railway facilities of persons suspected to be infected with the virus. All conducted activities are in line with the recommendations of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate regarding behaviour in the event of the possibility of coronavirus infection.

Railway stations administrators received instructions to designate, as much as possible, places in these facilities where persons suspected of coronavirus infection could stay until the arrival of medical services. Currently, such rooms are set up at about 40 railway stations in the country.

Posters and information leaflets on the rules of conduct in the event of symptoms of illness issued by the State Sanitary Inspection have been placed at the railway stations and stops located in border areas and at selected stations throughout the country. Similar information is also placed in international trains and those arriving at airports. Posters prepared by the sanitary services have been also placed at the PKP Fast City Rail stops in the Tricity, and an information spot of the Ministry of Health is displayed in some FCR depots. First-aid kits in trains and at railway stations will be successively equipped with protective masks.

If passengers or other persons present at railway stations show symptoms of a virus or that travellers report that they feel unwell, security officers will inform the relevant services and will direct these persons to the waiting rooms for the ambulance arrival. In the event that the train crew notices a person suspected of being infected with coronavirus or if such a person reports to the conductor, the guidelines specify mode of notifying emergency services and determining the place where the train will stop to ensure access to emergency services in such a way as to minimize the risk of a traveller with suspected virus infection contact with other persons on the train and at the station.

Information on the dangers of coronavirus and infection prevention have been provided to all employees of railway companies.

The staff of the Customer Support Centre and of the Railway Station Safety Centre watch over the passengers' safety 24 hours a day.

With a view to the ongoing risk of spreading the SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus), and above all to the well-being and security of passengers, starting from 10 March 2020 employees of PKP Intercity, on all international trains bound to Poland, distribute among and collect from passengers location cards in the form of a survey in Polish and English, of which the passengers are informed with announcements delivered through the train’s sound system. The survey is also available at ticket windows selling tickets for international connections. Moreover, at ticket windows located in border stations you can find communications from the Chief Sanitary Inspector. The card can be viewed at and downloaded from

All international trains operated by PKP Intercity contain information for passengers from the Chief Sanitary Inspector, also available at

Passenger card for download

Officers of the Railway Security Guard started to control temperature of passengers on international trains entering Poland. The procedure is carried out in cooperation with carriers and the infrastructure manager. The passengers’ temperature control does not currently affect the timetable. The purpose of the introduced activities is to prevent the coronavirus from spreading.

Before a railway trip, you should read the information prepared by the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, the Ministry of Health and the National Health Fund. More information on what the symptoms of coronavirus are and how to properly care for hygiene to prevent infection, can be found on the following websites: