Within the period from January 2014, communications were published on the website of PKP Intercity S.A. with respect to the service “HotSpot T-Mobile”, a joint project of PKP Intercity S.A and T-Mobile Polska S.A., as part of which the carrier provides access to the Internet via T-Mobile S.A., along with the so called service player.pl. In certain communications about the service in question, PKP Intercity S.A. informed that as part of this service, access to wireless Internet is free of charge.

Taking into account the above, we hereby specify that in order to use the service “HotSpot T-Mobile”, the passengers who use the services provided by PKP Intercity S.A. but are not customers of T-Mobile Polska S.A. are obliged to grant their consent to receive commercial information from T-Mobile Polska S.A. and its partners, to the processing of transmission data for marketing purposes by T-Mobile Polska S.A. and its partners, as well as to the use of automated calling systems for marketing purposes by T-Mobile Polska S.A. and its partners.

Further information on the conditions of use of the service “HotSpot T-Mobile” in trains of PKP Intercity S.A. are provided for in the Regulations on using access points in the trains of PKP IC that are published by the operator on: www.t-mobile.pl/pl/dlaciebie/obsluga-klienta/uslugi/hotspot-w-pociagach.

Please accept our sincere apology for the previous communications that were misleading in nature.