In Polish: "Wcześniej" - that's a new PKP Intercity offer open to any passenger planning their journey in advance. Anyone buying a single ticket for a domestic route no earlier than 30 days before the date of their journey and no later than 7 days in advance will receive a discount of around 10 per cent on the basic price.

Buy earlier – travel cheaper! If you buy a ticket for a single domestic trip sufficiently in advance, you will get a 10%, 20%, or 30% discount on the basic price!


Offer Details



  • The “Earlier” offer includes all types of trains: EIP, EIC, IC, and TLK in the second class, and it is applies for any routes.
  • The amount of discount is dependent on the time of purchasing a ticket.

    A 30% discount is available from 30th to 21th day before the departure,
    A 20% discount is available from 20th to 14th day before the departure,
    A 10% discount is available from 13th to 7th day before the departure.

    The number of tickets available in each level of charges is limited.

  • When purchasing a ticket sufficiently in advance, a discount is calculated automatically.
  • Persons individually authorised for statutory concessions may purchase a reduced ticket.


How to use it?



Tickets in the offer are available: