Express InterCity Premium (EIP) is the most comfortable category of trains offered by PKP Intercity to its passengers. It's also a whole new dimension and standard of travelling through Poland, ensuring comfort and safety of passengers, ensuring of which is our ultimate goal.


We introduce changes for your convenience

We would like to provide you with maximum comfort and total safety. Therefore, we only sell as many tickets as there are seats on the train and the tickets must be purchased in advance.

Benefits of purchasing tickets in advance:

  • free seat that is waiting for you
  • space for luggage
  • safety when moving through the train
  • easy access to any part of the train (WARS, toilets, exit)
  • efficient ticket control.

Where to purchase a ticket?

Tickets can be purchased in a number of convenient ways at the chosen place and time.

Please be aware!

Travel by EXPRESS INTERCITY PREMIUM can take place only with a ticket purchased in advance. Travelling without a ticket will result in additional fee of PLN 650.