These are personal and non-personal network tickets valid for one month, a quarter, half a year or one year. They allow an unlimited number of journeys within Poland on TLK and EIC trains run by PKP IC and all categories of train run by the companies PR, WKD and SKM Trójmiasto.
Many employees, numerous business trips. How can you save on this? Bet it all on one card – Colour Intercity Card.

About the offer

Colour Intercity Cards are bearer network tickets. They entitle to unlimited number of trips in national PKP Intercity trains – TLK, IC, EIC and EIP*, as well as trains of other railway carriers (Przewozy Regionalne, PKP Szybka Kolej Miejska w Trójmieście, Warszawska Kolej Dojazdowa). These are bearer cards, which means that one card in the company can be used by several employees (not at the same time). The Colour Intercity Card means many possibilities!

One card?

One card entitles the holder to take unlimited number of trips:

  • in TLK, IC, EIC and EIP trains operated by PKP Intercity
  • all trains operated by “Przewozy Regionalne”, “Warszawska Kolej Dojazdowa”, “PKP Szybka Kolej Miejska” in Trójmiasto (within the time and in the class marked on the card) and “Koleje Dolnośląskie” (except the “Pociąg do Kultury” and “KD Specjal”).

Colour Intercity Card is modern, flexible and extensive offer (includes first or second class, annual, semi-annual or quarterly period – all adjusted to your company’s needs).

Smaller travel cost, simpler organization and settlements – Colour Intercity Cards are simply worth it.

Colour Intercity Cards are sold and issued only following prior telephone contact with our business minders.

Segment Name and surname Email Telephone
Travel Agencies, Firms Katarzyna Maciątek 697 048 829
Travel Agencies, Firms Katarzyna Osetek 786 857 829

Please be informed that the Colour Intercity Card point is located at the Customer Service Center at Dworzec Centralny (Central Station) in Warsaw (entrance to the right of the Center door).

Attention: on all documentation please use the address appropriate for the new headquarters of PKP Intercity SA - 00-848 Warszawa, Aleje Jerozolimskie 142 A, 02-305 Warszawa.

>>Colour Card order form (Polish language version)<<

Additional contact regarding Colour Cards:
Marlena Pawluczuk
Mob.: 697 048 959
Fax: 22 47 42 586