You failed to buy a ticket before departing? Buy it just after getting on board a train. So, it is worth knowing the rules for the purchase of tickets from a conductor (ticket inspector).

Remember that when you are not able to buy your ticket in a ticket office, by phone or with the e-IC system, you still may buy it from a conductor. Note! Please remember that in such an event the purchase must be done promptly after getting on board. You may also buy additional tickets from a conductor – such as couchette tickets or for another journey if you plan any change of trains. Below you may find a brief guide for passengers who wish to buy tickets from a conductor (ticket inspector).

When getting on board without a ticket...

A TLK train passenger who has no ticket should declare his/her wish to purchase a ticket upon getting on board, i.e. in the first place he/she should try to find the conductor team. In this case, it is best to get on the car located at the front of the train or - if possible - to see the conductor before entering the train. This rule does not apply to:    

  • the disabled or people that have reduced mobility - provided that they produce to the conductor (ticket inspector) a document certifying the disability.
  • people with visible physical disability (permanent or temporary),
  • people who are at least 70 years old, on the condition of producing a document certifying age.

These people may wait until the conductor approach them. 

Practical tip:

  • Remember that even if at the time the declaration is made the conductor is not able to check you in - then he/she we will issue a confirmation of the notification of the lack of a valid ticket,and will sell it later during the ticket inspection.  With this confirmation you can take any seat in the train without risking the consequences for your moment of inattention.

When you are planning changes of trains...  

If you buy a ticket from a PKP Intercity conductor on train, and intend to change to another train of this company, tell the conductor.  Then you can purchase a ticket for the second train. If a ticket with seat indication on a EIP train cannot be issued, your issued ticket will be signed, stamped and marked with a note “Still on EIP train – subject to availability of seats”. Following presentation of your ticket with such a note at the ticket office, you will be able to – subject to availability of seats – purchase a ticket for continued travel on EIP train.

Additional charges - when?

When buying from the conductor, you pay for your ticket and its issuance on the train (the fee is PLN 10 - per each cleared person). The conductor does not charge this fee to a person:

  1. with a disability or reduced mobility, or from a carer/guide/guide dog of this person, provided that such a conductor is presented with a document confirming disability during the ticket purchase. Persons with a visible physical disability (either permanent or temporary) are released from the above obligation;
  2. you are 70 years old or older, provided that you produce a document certifying age;
  3. who starts their journey during the time when the ticket office is closed or from a station at which there is no ticket office;
  4. who is in possession of:
    • a confirmation issued by the ticket office,
    • a ticket with no seat guarantee, issued on another train for the journey in question, and who is, upon request, issued an additional ticket with seat indication,
    • INTERCITY Card, Weekend Max Ticket, Weekend Ticket, approved subscription ticket, and who is issued a free additional ticket with seat indication or, upon request, an additional ticket without seat guarantee due to a delayed arrival of the train,
    • you have a ticket with an imprint or confirmed note "Changing the carrier", issued on a train of another carrier (no fee for issuing it), when the scheduled time for the changing of trains does not exceed 30 minutes;
    • a section ticket, and who is issued, upon request, an additional ticket without seat guarantee due to a delayed arrival of the train;
    • a ticket purchased:
      • at a ticket machine using SkyCash, IC Mobile Navigator, and who purchases their ticket with 95% discount, 100% for an accompanying person, or a ticket for carriage of goods, or a dog,
      • at a ticket machine using e-IC Service, SkyCash, IC Navigator, Bilkom2 – in case a note is made on the presented certificate on benefitting from a concession (re. ticket with 37% discount for pensioners).
    • an international ticket with seat reservation on a given EIP train, and who pays EIP train surcharge,
  5. who pays the difference or purchases a new ticket as a result of a modification to the contract of carriage within the scope specified in § 16 section 1 (RPO-IC) or a change in the scope of eligibility;
  6. who intends to travel based on a ticket with 100% discount, i.e. from border guards, customs, police and military police officers, as well as officers of military enforcement authorities;
  7. who acquired (at a ticket office or on a train) a certificate confirming the validity of the presented ticket for another train or carriage class under modified conditions – in case an additional ticket with or without seat guarantee is issued;
  8. who holds a parliamentary seat in case an additional ticket with or without seat guarantee is issued.

 In addition, a conductor does not charge for issuing a ticket on train from Parliament deputies and senators (in the case of issue of an additional ticket with seat indicated or with a "no seat guaranteed" note).  

Types of payment  

You can pay for the ticket from a conductor either by cash or credit card - Visa and MasterCard are accepted.


Within the Express InterCity Premium train category, PKP Intercity guarantees a seat. Therefore, tickets cannot be purchased on board. Absence of a ticket during inspection will result in a high fee being imposed. In order to ensure a comfortable travel experience, please purchase your tickets in advance at, at a ticket office, ticket machine or via your mobile application.