Express InterCity (EIC) – Comfortable trains running on Polish tracks, formed of the latest carrier rolling stock and with full reservation of seats.

Express InterCity (EIC) – comfort for each passenger

Having Express InterCity trains’ passengers in mind, a series of facilities has been prepared, including, among others, managers' compartments, on which they can comfortably travel to business meetings. Other passengers can choose travelling in a non-compartment car or in a compartment car and relax in comfortable armchairs.

Thus, EIC constitutes perfect means of transport for a demanding passenger travelling both, for long and short distances.

Brand calendar

Ex plus IC equals EIC – a category of Express InterCity trains established in 2009, as a result of a merger of two existing at that time brands: Express (Ex) and InterCity (IC).


In their sets – covered with full seats’ reservation – EIC has gastronomic cars. The passenger choosing to travel in a manager compartment receives one dish out of the menu included in the ticket price, and each passenger of 1st and 2nd class receives a beverage (chosen by them), and each passenger of 1st  - a snack. Upon travellers’ request, the dishes are also delivered to a compartment / car, where they have a seat.

EIC trains have cars with facilities for the disabled and non-compartment cars – with places dedicated to transport bikes or skis.

Do you know that…

Express InterCity trains on the majority of their routes reach speed up to 160 km/h

… express travel with InterCity….

Brand philosophy / mission

We wish to provide all our clients with a new form of travelling and a guarantee to reach the set destination on time, so that they use our services with pleasure and recommend them to their friends. Comfort, convenience and facilities for passengers and shorter time of travel - this is our aim!