The most comfortable category of Express InterCity Premium (EIP) travel is served by 20 ED250 (Pendolino) trains. EIP trains connect the Tri-City and Warsaw with southern metropolitan areas (Krakow, Katowice, Wrocław), introducing a new standard of travel. The modern ED250s are electric multiple unit trains with a maximum operation speed of 250 km/h. PKP Intercity is the first operator in Central Europe with trains that achieve a speed of 200 km/h.

Express InterCity Premium offers two classes: first and second. There are 402 seats on the train – 45 in first class, and 357 in second. Adjustable seats in both classes, fold-out tables, individual lights and electrical sockets beside every seat guarantee comfortable travel. Coat hooks and hand-luggage shelves are available beside the seats. Some of the seats are placed facing each other, which means a four-seat area for passengers traveling together. There are luggage shelves available in corridors and at the end of each carriage. The train is also equipped with four bicycle hangers.

The train is also suitable for blind and vision-impaired passengers – the seats are marked with signs in Braille – as well as those with limited mobility. It is with them in mind that a ramp has been mounted at the entrance to the carriage, which allows passengers in wheelchairs to board and disembark the train. A specially designed toilet for disabled travelers is available, and it is also equipped with a changing table. There are specially marked places for passengers with children under 6 years of age.

The train has a dining carriage (located in the middle of the train), in which WARS will ensure an unforgettable flavor of travel.

Additionally, every passenger will receive a complimentary snack: in first class, two drinks (cold and hot, passenger’s choice) and a snack; and in second class, a drink (cold or hot, passenger’s choice).

187,4 m
Maximum width of body
2,8 m
Maximum height of the vehicle (above the head of the rail)
4,1 m
Maximum operating speed
250 km/h
5,500 kW
Estimated weight of the train in a state of operational readiness
395,5 t
Number of sections
Number of seats
Number of trains

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