InterCity (IC) – comfortable travelling owing to European Union funds

InterCity (IC) – comfortable travel thanks to EU subsidization from 14 December 2014.

InterCity brand is made up by modern, comfortable and safe trains that we can offer to our passengers owing to an investment programme. For the first time we implement the biggest rolling-stock purchase and modernisation programme in the history of our company and Polish railway transport market. Until 2015, 70% of the PKP Intercity rolling-stock shall be made up with new or modernized sets. PKP Intercity implements all investments with the use of European Union funds, among others, from the Coherence Fund under the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Programme 2007-13.

IC trains are fast trains. It means that prices of tickets on the travel shall be the same as the prices of tickets on travel by TLK trains!

Brand calendar

New category of IC is made up by trains assembled of new and modernised cars owing to European Union funds. The brand was established in November 2014.


On the route Przemyśl - Szczecin or Wroclaw – Gdynia, cars with comfortable, ergonomic armchairs, air-conditioning and toilets with closed circuit as well as devices supporting mobile telephony signal are gradually appearing.

Furthermore, each passenger is at a disposal of a socket and the interior is also equipped with automatic doors. Modern cars were also adjusted to the needs of the disabled, persons travelling with small children and travellers with bikes and skis.

Do you know that…

At the end of the year 2015, PKP Intercity fleet shall be extended with 20 EZTs, Flirt3 type and 20 sets “Dart” that shall reinforce InterCity brand.

Brand philosophy / mission

Out of concern for the comfort and safety of our passengers, we are modernising our cars and investing in a new, comfortable rolling-stock – so that our clients could feel the higher quality of travelling.