In this section you will find a price list and information on additional charges, e.g. for the issue of a ticket on a train.
A valid Ticket Price List together with individual excerpts can be found >>HERE<< (Polish language version).
Detailed information on the subject of changes in the Price List is given in the Public Information Bulletin section (Polish language version).


Name of charge  Gross charge (contains 8% VAT)
in zlotys
1.  Conductor charge (a charge for the issue of a ticket on a train, paid by each person) PLN 10.00
2.  Excess fare for EIP train paid by passengers holding network and weekend tickets (refers to selected tickets in domestic transport) PLN 10.00
2a.  Excess fare for EIP train (refers to selected tickets in international transport) PLN 43.00
3.  Service charge for the use on an EIC train of a seat in a managerial compartment PLN 99.00
4.  Charges for the use of a sleeper or a couchette for one place:  
          - in a one-place compartment (Single category) PLN 299.00
          - in a two-place compartment (Double category) PLN 159.00
          - in a three-place compartment (Triple category) *
PLN 79.00
          - in a couchette car in a three-place compartment and in a four-place compartment *
PLN 69.00
        - in a couchette car in a six-place compartment PLN 59.00
5.   Fee for a duplicate of:
  1) personal INTERCITY card (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly) PLN 60.00
  2) crossed out

* the fees also apply to the checking-in of people with a disability who are confined to wheelchairs