A tasty meal while travelling? Only in the restaurant car! Check out our offer!

Travelling full of taste

Aboard Express InterCity Premium (EIP) and Express InterCity (EIC) trains and on FLIRT and DART trains running in the Intercity (IC) category, there are restaurant cars.

Only selected InterCity (IC) trains operated by traditional sets include restaurant cars. The other ones, as well as TLK trains, offer minibar trolleys available on selected sections.

Everybody will find something for themselves in our menu!

Check what we have prepared so that you can delight in the taste of travel by getting on the restaurant car.

In particular, we recommend:


Start your day with a solid dose of energy. Our breakfasts are both tasty and nourishing. Classic scrambled eggs, excellent hot sausages or apple fritters with Greek yogurt will ward off the morning hunger during your journey.
  • WARS breakfast,
  • Scrambled eggs on butter,
  • Polish breakfast – scrambled eggs on butter with ham, onion and tomatoes,
  • Hot frankfurters,
  • Fried eggs with frankfurters,
  • Vegetable pastes and creamy cheese.


For mild hunger, we propose meat and vegetarian sandwiches and snacks. For example, try breaded camembert with cranberry or a sandwich with pork sirloin.
  • Cheese sandwich,
  • Ham sandwich,
  • Sandwich with beetroots and salad-sandwich cheese,
  • Sandwich with pork sirloin,
  • Sandwich with chicken breast,
  • Drop scones with apples and Greek yogurt,
  • Herring with onions and dried tomatoes,
  • Breaded camembert with cranberry.

Main dishes

In particular, we recommend main dishes. The chef prepared for you traditional Polish dinner delicacies from carefully selected ingredients.
  • Duck breast with cherry-balsamic sauce,
  • Traditional pork chop,
  • Chicken breast sous vide with tomato and salad-sandwich cheese,
  • Meat dumplings with bacon and onion,
  • Dumplings with potato and cheese stuffing and onion,
  • Beaten beef cutlet with pearl barley and beetroots,
  • Chicken tortilla,
  • Kaszotto with vegetables and tofu,
  • Chef’s dish.


For those who like green on their plates, we have salads. What guarantees their excellent taste: fresh vegetables, special sauces and additives such as chicken or duck. Vegetarians can count on a salad with green lentils and tofu.
  • Chicken salad with blue cheese,
  • Greek salad,
  • Salad with duck breast,
  • Salad with green lentils and tofu,
  • Chicken salad.


When travelling, it is good to sweeten your life. In our WARS restaurant cars, we serve delicious cakes.
  • Cheesecake,
  • Apple pie from Polish apples,
  • Chef’s cake.

Child’s menu

We do not forget about the youngest generation. As part of the special child’s menu, we serve delicate dishes rich in all necessary nutrients. Parents can choose from sets adapted with their size and composition to the nutritional needs of small passengers.
  • Mini roasts with ham and cheese,
  • Drop scones with apples and Greek yogurt,
  • Chef’s soup,
  • Chicken breast,
  • Set: Chicken breast, water and a toy carriage,
  • Set: Soup, drop scones with apples, water and a toy carriage.

The above menu varies depending on train category. More details at www.wars.pl

Offer for the youngest generation

Our menu includes items specially prepared for children. The proposed sets of meals take into account both toddlers’ culinary preferences and their parents’ requirements. We offer children five balanced sets of meals to choose from. Additionally, the form and size are adapted to their nutritional needs.

Additional services

With the comfort of all passengers in mind, do not bring large pieces of luggage and your pupils (except for guide dogs and dogs assisting the disabled persons) to the restaurant car.

Let us remind you that drinking alcohol purchased on the train is only permitted in restaurant cars. Sales on the trains (with a restaurant car and, on selected route sections, without a restaurant car) is also carried out from trolleys, the so-called mini-bars. The offer includes hot and cold drinks and light snacks.

Card payment is available in restaurant cars. When ordering snacks at a minibar, please have cash on you.

You can also order a meal without leaving your seat, using your mobile application. The service is available on selected trains.