Now you can travel even more profitably between two selected places on the Białystok – Warszawa route. Thanks to the Special Subscription Ticket offer, you can buy 7 trips paying only for 5!


Special Subscription Ticket



  • It is valid for 7 single trips on the Białystok – Warszawa route (or between two selected places on this route) on TLK or IC trains in second-class compartments,
  • It costs as much as 5 normal tickets in the Cut-Rate City Ticket offer,
  • It is valid for 3 months from the date of issue or the date indicated by the buyer,
  • It is issued together with a pass containing boxes for validation of each trip (before each trip, you need to validate the pass at a ticket office or have it validated by a ticket inspector),
  • It allows travelling for a bigger group of people. It may be validated for as many people as there are trips left on the ticket,
  • The ticket is valid for its holder. It can be handed over to family members and friends.


Choose your perfect connection



See the railway map and travel between the selected locations. (The offer does not include Małkinia – Czyżew route)


How to use it?



The offer is available at ticket offices only. Find a ticket office closest to your location [Polish version].





  • If you do not validate your ticket, it will be invalid.
  • If during the validation you learn that there are no seat reservations left, don’t worry, you will get a confirmation that will enable you to travel.