Travel more, pay less? Yes, it is possible with us! Subscription Ticket gives you 7 trips by TLK or IC trains at the price of 5!


Offer Details



  • The ticket entitles you to 7 single trips on any route by TLK and IC trains,
  • It costs as much as 5 normal tickets,
  • It is valid for 3 months since the date of issue or the date indicated by the buyer,
  • It is issued together with a pass containing boxes for validation of each trip (before each trip, you need to validate the pass at a ticket office or have it validated by a ticket inspector),
  • It allows travelling for a bigger group of people. It may be validated for as many people as there are trips left on the ticket,
  • The ticket is valid for its holder. It can be handed over to family members and friends.


How to use it?



The offer is available at ticket offices only. Find a ticket office closest to your location [Polish version].





  • If you do not validate your ticket, it will be invalid.
  • During the validation, you will get a free-of-charge seat reservation (it does not apply to second class in direct trains on the route Warszawa – Łódź).