A special offer for single trips at a distance up to 35 km on a direct TLK or IC train

A new special offer of a Short Distance City Ticket is valid for single trips at a distance up to 35 km on a direct TLK or IC train, only in second-class carriages with seats.

Tickets within the Short Distance City Ticket offer (“Short Distance City Ticket”) are issued with a specified seat in a particular train, unless such a trip takes place by a train or in a class of a carriage in which seats are not pre-determined.

A Short Distance City Ticket can be bought: in a ticket office, ticket vending machine, train, e-IC service, or via SkyCash and IC Navigator mobile applications. The offer is automatically generated by a ticketing system after selecting a route that meets the length requirements set out for the offer.

Prices of the Short Distance City Tickets depend on the distance of the trip. The following concessions apply:
1) statutory – 37%, 51%, 78%, 95%,100%,
2) trade – 30%, 50%.

The Short Distance City Ticket links with the following offers:
b) Senior’s Ticket,
c) Family Ticket,
d) Big Family Offer,
in line with tariff conditions for the offers.

The offer enters into force on 13 December 2015.