Special offer for small groups travelling with a child. 30% of discount for tickets for each group member, and additionally a possibility to take advantage of individual authorizations to cheaper trips.

Travelling with the entire family does not have to be costly. Take your loved ones on a train trip and don’t overpay for tickets. See the conditions of the Family Ticket Offer.

About the offer

Are you travelling EIP, EIC, IC or TLK train in a group of 2 to 5? If this includes a child under 16, be sure to take advantage of the Family Ticket offer, where everyone will get a 30-percent discount. The offer is valid for 1. and 2. class. During a train ticket inspection, you should also present a document confirming the child’s age, apart from the tickets.

If you are planning a trip in a sleeping wagon or a couchette, just remember that an extra fee is charged in full amount for the bed.

The offer provides for cancelling a trip for some of passengers. A Family Ticket is valid until there are at least 2 people in the group, including one child under 16.

Family trips mean cheaper trips – and these are even more enjoyable.

Ticket purchase within the Family Ticket offer is possible only at ticket offices and from a ticket inspector.