Check out a Cut-Rate City Ticket offer that gives you a possibility to travel on comfortable and cheap connections.

Travel much cheaper by trains of our economic class (InterCity and Twoje Linie Kolejowe) on selected interurban routes. 

Now we have lower prices on the following routes: Białystok – Suwałki, Warszawa – Terespol and Jelenia Góra – Wrocław!

Departure Station Arrival Station Current Price
Warszawa Biała Podlaska PLN 29.90
Warszawa Terespol PLN 34.90
Warszawa Lublin PLN 30.90
Białystok Suwałki PLN 14.90
Wrocław Jelenia Góra PLN 29.90

It is worth changing to train, because it has never been so cheap in PKP Intercity.

The offer applies to journeys in second class by TLK or IC trains between the selected cities. You should remember that persons entitled to concessions will be able to buy a ticket even cheaper – according to the due statutory concession.

When purchasing a Cut-Rate City Ticket, all statutory concessions apply (e.g. for pupils or for students).

When purchasing the ticket, however, other special offers (except for IC Warsaw Ticket offer) and trade discounts (e.g. a railcard bought by an employer) do not apply.

“Cut-Rate City Ticket” can be purchased in ticket offices, ticket vending machines [Polish version], mobile application IC Mobile Navigator, in a train or via the website