With a Warsaw IC Ticket you have the ability to make use of public transport in the capital, and with any number of changes, for 75 minutes prior to departure or following arrival in the city.

The Warsaw IC Ticket is an integrated payment system for making use of services provided by the Public Transport Authority (Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego, ZTM) in Warsaw and PKP Intercity, and represents for passengers a considerable convenience and saving in time. With one rail ticket you can travel on public transport for a 75 minutes through Warsaw in the first zone. The offer relates to trains run by Twoje Linie Kolejowe ('Your Railway Lines', TLK) or InterCity (IC), or fast international trains travelling domestically, to or from Warsaw.

On a day of arrival or departure from the capital the Warsaw IC Ticket allows travel with any number of changes by all means of public transport in the capital (bus, tram, train, SKM ('Fast Urban Railway') or metro) in the first ZTM ticket zone.

Where can I buy the Warsaw IC Ticket?

The Warsaw IC Ticket can be purchased at ticket windows selling tickets for trains run by the company PKP Intercity or on a train run by the company from the conductor.

Useful tips and additional information

If you are planning to travel by metro, you should pick up a wejściówka wielokrotnego użytku – a multi-use pass – at an information point (Punkt Obsługi Pasażerów; a list of points is available at www.ztm.waw.pl), which will allow you to pass through barriers or use a lift to reach a platform.

The Warsaw IC Ticket offer may be combined with selected special offers relating to single journeys (e.g. Route Ticket, Family Ticket, Big Family Card) and discounts.