Looking for an interesting and cheap way of spending weekend? Check out our offer!

Thanks to PKP Intercity Weekend Tickets, you can travel around Poland at a low cost, as the weekend tickets’ prices starts from PLN 81. Thanks to popular travel websites, accommodation can also be found at a low price. See for yourself that by spending quite a small amount of money, you can see a lot and spend your time away from home in an active and pleasant way.

Within a single ticket (Weekend Ticket or Weekend MAX Ticket), you can travel with no limits during the whole weekend.

What do weekend tickets entitle you to and what are their prices?

The tickets entitle you to an unlimited number of trips on PKP Intercity trains in the time of their validity according to the following scope:

ticket type weekend ticket weekend MAX ticket
train type TLK YES YES
EIP - YES (additional charge of PLN 10 for each trip on EIP train)
ticket price class 1 PLN 111.00 PLN 264.00
class 2 PLN 81.00 PLN 164.00

When are weekend tickets valid?

A Weekend Ticket is valid from 7 pm on a working day preceding a holiday to 6 am of the first working day following holidays. So, most often it is from 7 pm on Friday to 6 am on Monday. It means that if, e.g., Friday or Monday is a holiday, a ticket is valid for one additional day.

Where can you buy Weekend Tickets and get a seat reservation?

You can buy Weekend Tickets even 30 days before your planned trip:

Buy a ticket
  • on the Internet – via e-IC service (in the Season ticket tab)
  • in a ticket office,
  • from a ticket inspector (except for EIP trains).

If you have purchased a ticket via the Internet, you can download your seat reservation from the website, obtain it at a ticket office or from a ticket inspector in your train, except for an EIP train which you are going to travel on.

What do you need to remember about?

Weekend Tickets are personal tickets, so you have to write down on them your name and surname and a number of your identity document with a photograph in a very legible and inedible way. You have to show this document with a ticket during a ticket inspection. A ticket without the above mentioned data is invalid.  

If you decide to transfer from a second-class compartment to the first-class one, you have to pay the difference (of the price of a weekend ticket or a single ticket on a given route section) at a ticket office or to a ticket inspector.