An exceptional concession for all travelling beyond our eastern border, whether individually or within a group. With it you can reduce the cost of a journey to Russia by 25% – take a look at how.

The Slav soul, the sounds of the balalaika, tea from the samovar and the legacy of the tsars... Not to mention great sums of money and even greater potential for commercial, cultural and scientific collaboration. There are more reasons to head east than pages written by Tolstoy. But when it comes to travelling just one optimal way – a journey on a PKP Intercity train.

Named for the dance known in English as the polonaise, Polonez is a Warsaw-Moscow train, running between Poland and Russia via Belarus. The fare offer encompasses the charge for the train journey itself and that for a bunk in a three-person (T3), two-person (Double) or one-person (Single) compartment. Polonez is a guarantee of travel in comfort, with a comfortable bed, dresser and washbasin at your disposal. Available in addition is a little something to snack on during the journey, along with the care of the guard, who will see to your safety and, if necessary, wake you at the appropriate time, before the destination station.

To the east!

What is it that you need to know before travelling on Polonez? Tickets are purchased at ticket windows. If you decide on the latter option, remember that you need to exchange an Internet ticket for the form document of carriage at a ticket window or ticket machine.

Breaks in the journey are not permitted. For the journey there and back two separate tickets are issued – one for the journey out, another for the return route.

The more, the merrier – and for the discount too

Travelling in a group is even more fun. And if an organized group travelling on Polonez numbers at least six people, it can count on a 25% discount. All of the members of the given group have to travel together – at the same time, on the same train and in compartments of the same type.

Discounts also cover the youngest of passengers, with children under 10 years of age travelling free of charge, on condition that they are accompanied by an adult and will not occupy an individual place. Children from 10 to 12 years of age, and those younger who occupy individual places, enjoy a concession of 50%.

And if I change my plans?

Exchange or return of individual tickets is possible no later than six hours prior to the planned time of departure, while group tickets can be returned no later than five days prior to the day of departure. If you return a ticket, a compensation fee of 10% of the price will be deducted. Exchange of a ticket is free (with additional payment only in the event that you would like to travel in a carriage of a higher category, e.g. exchanging Double for Single) and possible once only.

If you're heading east, travel to the rhythm of the Polonez!