A journey to Vienna is cheaper than you think – prices start from EUR 29 for a seat and EUR 39 for a bunk. Check out the promotion – Austria is waiting for you!

Eat a slice of authentic Sachertorte? Listen to a concert at the Vienna Philharmonic? Or maybe go wild on Alpine slopes? In Austria a whole range of attractions await – for body and spirit alike. And we offer something more, for your pocket: the SparDay/SparNight offer for journeys between Poland and Austria.

The promotion applies on the following trains:

  • EC 105/104 SOBIESKI (Gdynia - Wien Hbf. i Wien Hbf. - Gdynia)
  • EC 103/102 POLONIA (Warszawa – Wien Hbf. i Wien Hbf.  - Warszawa)
  • 407/406 CHOPIN (Warszawa - Wien Hbf. i Wien Hbf.- Warszawa)
  • 402/407; 406/403 (Kraków – Wien Hbf. i Wien Hbf. - Kraków)

By taking advantage of the offer you can travel to Vienna for as little as EUR 29 (a seat in second class), while the popular couchette costs EUR 39. Tickets are issued no later than three days prior to the day of departure (e.g. if you would like to depart on a Thursday, you can buy a ticket on the Monday of that week at the latest). There is no option of ticket return or exchange, breaks in the journey, transition to first class, or exchange of one sleeping place for another of a higher standard.

The pool of tickets covered by the promotion is limited. They will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, so if Austria is a country which you plan to visit soon, avoid delaying too long!