The cheapest journeys to the German capital. See for yourself how low ticket prices can be beyond our western border. Find out more about the "Berlin-Warsaw/Gdynia-Special" offer.

The Berlin-Warsaw-Special and Berlin-Gdynia-Special – travelling cheapest to the capital of Germany by Intercity train.

The Berlin-Warsaw/Gdynia-Special – an offer very popular among travellers to Germany – has been extended. It is now also possible to reach the capital of Germany directly from the Tricity!


1st class

2nd class

from Warsaw and Gdynia

Level I             €39.00
Level II            €59.00

Level I            €29.00
Level II           €39.00

from Poznań

Level I            €29.00
Level II            €39.00

Level I            €16.00
Level II           €19.00

We offer our travellers unrivalled prices:

You have also been able to purchase a ticket for the route Poznań - Frankfurt/O at a special price:



2nd class

from Poznań

Level I            €12.00


Promotional tickets issued according to this offer will also be available to travellers to/from the stations Kutno and Konin (for Berlin-Warsaw-Express trains) and the stations Tczew, Bydgoszcz, Inowrocław and Gniezno (for the Berlin-Gdynia-Express train).

The promotion applies in first and second class on EuroCity "Berlin-Warsaw-Express (BWE)" trains, which run four times a day Warsaw-Poznań-Berlin and back, as well as in second class on the EuroCity "Berlin-Gdynia-Express (BGE)" train, which runs once a day Gdynia-Poznań-Berlin and back. 

Tickets must be purchased no later than three days prior to departure. The number of "Berlin-Warsaw/Gdynia-Special" tickets is limited. It is not possible to return or exchange them. 

Promotional tickets are available at international ticket windows throughout Poland as well as via the online ticket sales system.

Details of the offer can be found in the section Regulations and rates – International tariff (Polish version).