You could pay just EUR 13 for a ticket if setting off on a journey to the Czech Republic. The amount depends on the station of departure and arrival. Choose a route and check how low the ticket price will be.

Prague and Ostrava in the Czech Republic and Warsaw, Krakow and Katowice in Poland. Five cities, six routes. And six prices – more attractive than those which tariff distances would give.

What are the prices?


  • EUR 13 for a journey on the Katowice - Ostrava or Ostrava - Katowice train
  • EUR 17.50 for a journey on the Kraków - Ostrava or Ostrava - Krakow train
  • EUR 30.50 for a journey on the Warsaw - Ostrava or Ostrava - Warsaw train
  • EUR 49 for a journey on the Katowice - Prague or Prague - Katowice train
  • EUR 54 for a journey on the Kraków - Prague or Prague - Krakow train
  • EUR 65 for a journey on the Warsaw - Prague or Prague - Warsaw train


These are regular prices, and not a promotion, meaning that there is no need to hunt for tickets from a limited pool. If you are travelling with a child, this younger passenger is entitled to a concessionary ticket – children from four to 12 years of age on the PKP stage and from six to 15 years of age on the CD (Czech Railways) stage are entitled to a 50% discount. Added to the prices for the journeys is a seat charge EUR 3.50.

Taking a bicycle

If the train on which you are travelling has a carriage adapted for transporting bicycles, you can also take your own two wheels on the journey to the Czech Republic. The cost is EUR 10 one-way.

Changes and returns

It is possible to change the time for which a ticket is valid once with no additional handling costs. You can also change the class of carriage to first or make a change in the scope of the journey beyond the destination station, in which case it is necessary to pay the difference in price (without additional deductions).

The return of a ticket costs 10% of its price. You can return a ticket at a ticket window before the time for which it is valid, but after this time the claim should be made to the registered office of PKP Intercity in Warsaw.