A meal during your travel? Only in a gastronomic car WARS. Check out our offer!

Savour the taste of travel!

On board every Express InterCity Premium (EIP), as well as on Express InterCity (EIC) trains, gastronomic services are available.

List of PKP Intercity trains with catering service


The WARS menu is a blend of Polish tradition and the latest culinary trends.

It contains fully balanced meals planned by the chef so that everyone could find something for themselves.

You can choose from among breakfast dishes, sandwiches, snacks, salads, soups and main courses - with a classic pork chop on the top of it.

The offer also includes vegetarian dishes, fruit and vegetable juices as well as fruit cocktails.

Sweets lovers will find delicious cakes and aromatic coffee.

WARS employees make sure that all ingredients come from verified suppliers and each dish is naturally fresh and made directly before it is served.

We invite you to explore WARS MENU in EIP and EIC trains

We invite you to explore WARS MENU in IC trains with catering carriages

Offer for the youngest

The menu also includes propositions prepared specially for children.  Proposed sets of dishes consider cuisine preferences of kids as well as requirements of their parents.

The youngest can choose from among four balanced sets of dishes. Additionally, the form and size of dishes are adjusted to nutritional needs of the youngest.

Additional services

Upon travellers’ request – gastronomic cars’ staff will also deliver ordered dishes to compartments.

On the board of the trains *) products are also sold from carts, so called: mini-bars (among others: hot and cold beverages and light snacks).

*) in all trains with WARS service and on selected train routes without a gastronomic car.


  • Pursuant to binding provisions, drinking alcohol bought on the train is permitted only in gastronomic cars;
  • For other passengers’ comfort, it is forbidden to take animals (with an exception of guide dogs and dogs-assistants of disabled persons) and large luggage to gastronomic cars.

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