If you want to carry a dog, cat, guinea pig or other pet by train - do it in a PKP Intercity train. As an owner, you should take care of your pet during the journey - learn about the things you should remember.

Please remember that most animals do not like long journeys – they are often afraid or simply want to explore new places. Therefore, when taking a cat, dog or other pet for a railway trip, you should provide them with an appropriate container.

In the event of hot weather you may use a durable cage or airy basket – such a pet cargo container may also be kept on your knees to make the animal feel safe. What rules you have to remember in order not to stress both other passengers and your pets?


A passenger may transport his/her small pets (including dogs) free of charge provided that they do not cause nuisance to other passengers (e.g. due to noise, smells etc.) and the animals being carried are placed in appropriate containers.

If your four-legged friend does not fit into a special container – you must buy an additional ticket for the dog. The fee is PLN 15.20.

Please remember that if other passengers protest about the presence of an animal in the compartment, the passenger should take a seat indicated by a conductor (ticket inspector).

Places where animals are prohibited to enter

Animals like to explore the world and they usually do it in a very spontaneous way, and their owners should know that.  Even if you are sure that your pet is calm – please remember that travelling is a completely new situation for a cat or dog. So even the most calm dogs and cats cannot be allowed to some places. In trains, animal are not allowed to be in:

  • restaurant cars  –  except for guide dogs or assistance dogs for the disabled;  
  • on a seat;  
  • on a bed in sleeping car (WL): 
  • on a berth in couchette car (Bc) . 

I don't have a ticket for the transport of a dog – what should I do?

In the event that a passenger has not paid a fare at a ticket window for the transport of a dog, a ticket can be purchased on the train, if this is a TLK, IC or EIC train. A ticket for the transport of a dog on an EIP train may be purchased at a ticket window only.

Please be reminded that an additional charge of PLN 10 is made for the issue of a ticket from a conductor on a train.