In this section you can find out about the charges and rules for storing luggage at the left luggage areas of PKP Intercity.

The PKP Intercity left luggage areas

If you find yourself with a little time before the departure of your train, it may be worth in anticipation of the journey leaving your luggage with us and heading out to explore the city, with no unnecessary loads or uncomfortable bags. Aiming to ensure the highest standard of comfort for its passengers, PKP Intercity invites you to make use of the left luggage areas provided.

The IC left luggage area – which stations?

Passengers are currently able to make use of two left luggage areas operated round-the-clock by PKP Intercity staff. The areas are located at the stations Warszawa Centralna (Warsaw Central, in the central gallery) and Warszawa Wschodnia (Warsaw East).

Rules for the use of a left luggage area, and charges

  • It is possible to store your luggage in a left luggage area for a maximum of 10 days. When leaving luggage it is necessary to describe its contents. Collection is possible following the presentation of a previously issued proof that the luggage has been placed in the left luggage area and following payment of the charge for storage..  
  • The cost of leaving luggage – irrespective of its size – is PLN 10 per day. In addition, it is possible to pay extra for a declaration of the value of the items being stored (PLN 0.50 per PLN 50 of value declared).

Useful tips and additional information

  • Before making use of a left luggage area it is worth familiarizing yourself with the regulations below. It is not possible to store such possessions as money, objects which are particularly valuable, identity documents, animals or dangerous items, e.g. weapons or ammunition.
  • You should not leave luggage unattended on station premises. Remember that if you do notice a package or any luggage left unattended on the station concourse, you should inform the station staff of the fact. In the event that your luggage goes missing, it is worth beginning a search at the left luggage area.
  • Look after the proof that you have left your luggage! In the event that a proof is lost, the luggage may of course be collected, but this will involve inconveniences such as the need to present an identity document and the submission of a written statement describing luggage contents.
  • If for several items of luggage stored at a left luggage area you have a single proof, it is not possible for individual items to be issued.