Group journeys with PKP Intercity are an attractive opportunity in terms of price for those travelling in Poland in a group of at least 11 people.

E-application for group journeys: easier, without leaving home

Group journeys with PKP Intercity are an attractive opportunity in terms of price for those travelling within Poland in a group of at least 11 people, with as many as several hundred thousand people making use of the offering every year! For the convenience of all passengers setting out as part of a larger group, PKP Intercity has introduced a special application for group travel applications. With this tool the application for the journey as a group is submitted over the Internet, with the time required for its examination being a maximum of five working days. For passengers wanting to make use of the e-application option we present here a short step-by-step guide.

E-application for group journeys with PKP Intercity – step by step

Step 1: registration at the site

To take advantage of the tool and submit applications for organized group journeys – domestically in first and second class on EIP, EIC, IC and TLK trains – it is necessary to register or log in (if an account is already held) at the site

Attention: remember that the offer applies to journeys by groups consisting of at least 11 passengers.

Step 2: completing the application

The next step is the completion of the electronic application. Beyond the data required for the person responsible for the group (who must also be travelling with the group!), the number of passengers should be given, divided according to the discounts to which they are entitled. Depending on the individual members of the group, these might be discounts of 37%, 51%, 78%, 95% or even 100%.

Step 3: the Group Journey Card

The time required for the examination of an application is a maximum of five working days. If the examination is positive, the Group Journey Card should then be printed, by logging into the account with the application.

Step 4: receipt of tickets

At this point the tickets are ready for purchase, and can be purchased at a PKP Intercity ticket office indicated in the application no later than seven days prior to the date of departure.

Group ticket issued for a distance of at least 50 km is a VAT invoice (legal basis: Journal of Laws of 9 December 2013, section 3, item 4). Therefore, VAT invoices will not be issued for this type of tickets.

Useful tips and additional information:

  • for groups travelling on:
    - Monday to Thursday and on Saturday, 20% discount from the base price is applied;
    - Friday and on Sunday, 15% discount from the base price is applied,
  • Together on a PKP Intercity train – easier and cheaper! For every 20 group members, one person is entitled to a free journey.
  • The number of places available under the offer is limited, which is why it is better to book earlier. Tickets may be booked as early as 90 days ahead, and at the latest as little as 14 days before the intended date of departure.
  • If the group shrinks unexpectedly following the submission of the application, relax – a group concession is still possible, but on condition that the number of people taking advantage of the group journey is no lower than 11.
  • When a ticket inspection occurs the journey organizer should present the conductor with both the tickets and the Group Journey Card, while those members of the group who are making use of entitlements to statutory concessions should present the appropriate documents authenticating these entitlements (e.g. students should have valid student cards).
  • If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us: (22) 47 42 768, (22) 47 42 767, (22) 47 42 556, (Mondays to Fridays from 7.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.)

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the detail of the regulations relating to group journeys - § 50 of the PKP Intercity rate document.

Note! The offer cannot be combined with other trade offers. 

Disabled group trips

We remind you that the organizers of group trips including disabled travellers, should, prior to the trip, notify the carrier of the need to provide assistance or/and a special type of rolling stock. The assistance is ensured provided that we were notified of the need to give assistance to a certain person at least 48 hours before such assistance is required. If your ticket entitles you to a number of trips, only one notification will be needed, provided that sufficient information on the dates of the subsequent trips is given.

Applications are accepted 24 hours a day:

  • using the application form (Polish version) and within business hours of the Customer Service Centre
  • via telephone by consultants of the PKP Intercity Customer Service Helpline: 42 205 45 31 Calls are charged according to the operator's rates.
  • via telephone by consultants of the PKP Intercity Customer Service Helpline: 703 200 200 (Helpline for domestic landline and mobile network subscribers). The gross per-minute charge is PLN 1.29. The service is provided by "PKP Intercity" S.A.
  • via telephone (for calls made via foreign telecommunications networks) - +48 22 391 97 57 Calls are charged according to the operator's rates.