Twoje Linie Kolejowe ('Your Railway Lines', TLK) a response by PKP Intercity to the rising expectations of long-distance train passengers, who demand from the carrier above all low ticket prices.

Twoje Linie Kolejowe (TLK) – comfortable travels in favourable prices.

Twoje Linie Kolejowe is PKP Intercity’s response to growing expectations of passengers on long-distance trains who predominantly expect from carrier low prices of tickets, a wide range of promotional offers, appropriate frequency of circulation and stopovers at indirect stations. Thanks to this offer, a passenger shall travel with TLK in a good price and in a comfortable manner.

Brand calendar

First TLK trains favourable to economical travellers appeared on the tracks in 2005. On 1 January 2011, the name of the brand was changed - from Tanie Linie Kolejowe to Twoje Linie Kolejowe, and as of 19 March 2013 - a full reservation of seats in all TLK trains' cars was introduced for passengers’ comfort (the price of “seat reservation” is included in the ticket price). From 2014, a significant part of TLK connections has been included in the higher category Intercity.


Compartments with seating and laying places, sleeping cars, attractive promotions and permanent, weekend offers - that way, you can travel with TLK on one ticket through thousands of kilometres for a small amount of money. TLK is a vast, country-wide network of fast day and night connections operated by hundreds of trains reaching the farthest corners of the country on a daily basis!

Brand philosophy/mission

We want to give passengers maximum satisfaction at a possible low fare. We are also aware that the passengers’ satisfaction depends on the right atmosphere, so TLK has an ambition to serve passengers by offering them professional service and help in any situation.

Routes operated by TLK trains

Besides domestic connections, TLK trains also operate on international routes. Available destinations:

  • Ukraine (Kiev, Lviv, Odessa)
  • Russia (Smolensk, Moscow)
  • Belarus (Minsk, Grodno)